Nazar Enterprises is one of Uttar Pradesh, India’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete products. Our precast concrete product range spans boundary wall, Interlocking Pevers, outdoor furniture, flooring, storm water drainage, sewage drainage, security barriers, etc. These products find application in road construction, commercial and residential construction, railway platforms, and telecommunications and are specially designed for the Indian market.

We have over 10 years long legacy of operating in this business and a pan-India footprint. We started in this line of business in the year 2007.

We lead the innovation in the precast concrete and allied industry. In a traditional cast iron manhole cover market, Our flagship product precast concrete Interlocking Pever Tiles, Readymade Boundary Wall, manhole cover and frames were the first to be introduced as cost effective, durable and theft-proof replacement. Similarly we replaced traditional cast on site flooring with interlocking pavers, we replaced steel fencing and railings for road dividers and fencing of parks with RCC railing and fencing, we replaced brick telecom manholes with precast concrete conical manhole assembly units, we replaced cast iron and stone furniture with precast concrete furniture, and we replaced cast in-situ platform with precast concrete platform coping. Besides these, we have introduced many more innovative products.

Now we boast an employee strength of more than 150 spread across a number of sister concerns and a manufacturing footprint in Uttar Pradesh, India. Across all companies, we have over 5 acres of area devoted to manufacturing plant, administrative offices, quality control, and research & development.

We continue to give India cost-effective, durable, maintenance-free, aesthetic, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly precast concrete solutions.

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Precast Concrete Boundary Wall 

Brick walls, which have been traditional to India, are time-consuming to erect and costly to keep standing. Our Precast Concrete Boundary Walls overcome these Read More>>

Concrete Road Bollard

The bollard is manufactured with cement concrete of M-30 grade by vibro compaction method using FRP/steel moulds, so as to achieve shuttering finish Read More>>

Concrete Blocks or Bricks 

Bricks is a typical decision for open air dividers. It's tastefully satisfying, durable, and simple to work with. Precast solid dividers are, by a wide margin, the better arrangement.



CONCRETE Pillers for boundary or your field. Heavy Duty, more durable, Used for safety purpose from animal.

Kerb Stone

All kerb stones are made from concrete mix design with a minimum 28 day compressive strength of 30MPa. 

Tree Guard

Manufactured with M-30 grade of concrete using vibro-compaction process using jointless FRP moulds so as to achieve shuttering finish.

Concrete Manhole Covers & Frames
  • Covers are provided with hot dip galvanized lifting hooks
  • Test Load as per (IS-12592 Part 1) for Extra Heavy Duty is 35 MT, Heavy Duty is 20 MT, Medium Duty is 10 MT, and Light Duty is 2.5MT

Chair Bench with Hand Rest

All parts are joined together with galvanized nuts & bolts of suitable size and all bolts are sealed after assembly, 
Bench top and back planks are treated with special anti-corrosive, water proof coating so as to make surfaces glossy and water proof.